No Configuration file

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No Configuration file

Postby abasel » Wed May 07, 2008 10:08 am

I'm trying to install Joomla 1.5.3 on our intranet (which is run using IIS)

It all appears to be going fine. I get no errors (or warnings) but when I delete the installation directory (as requested to), I get
No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting...

I think there may be a permissions issue but I'm not sure how to check. Also I don't get given the config file info so I can't create it myself.
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Re: No Configuration file

Postby humvee » Thu May 08, 2008 10:53 am

Create a file and name it configuration.php and leave it completely empty and add it to your joomla_root/ directory. Then re-run the installation process. Check that after the installation process and BEFORE you delete the installation directory that the configuration.php file now has a list of about 60 variables added to it. If all is ok then delete installation directory and log in to and start playing.

If the process does not add the data you will need to manually create the configuration.php. To do this make a copy of the configuration.php-dist file and rename it to configuration.php. Open it in an html editor or text editor (not MS Word/Wordpad as they will add unwanted text to the the file) and edit the variables that are listed to match your server and installation requirements. Check out the Installation Manual for details on what is required - the Manual Installation section. Then add this file to the joomla_root/ directory of the site after completing the install and delete the installation/ directory. Then proceed to admin and site.


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