We need Volunteers

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We need Volunteers

Post by ronakbhagdev » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:38 pm


You know Joomla is getting popular Day by day in India. With the flexibility and user friendliness it can be used to develop any type of websites. It also supports multi-language. So you can also use Joomla to develop any Government or community website in YOUR language! But unfortunately Joomla 1.5 is not translated for most of the main Indian languages!

So guys here I am calling you to be volunteer for translating Joomla in following languages (most required).
  1. Punjabi
  2. Bengali (India)
  3. Telugu
  4. Oriya
  5. Kannada
  6. Nepali
Guys we deadly need these languages to be translated. Some of above languages are partially translated. I can provide partial translation if you need it.

If you are willing to translate any of these languages please post your interest here or send me PM. Also I can help you in any technical matter that you want. or you can just follow these guide - HowTo: Translate for Joomla 1.5


Note: You will get full Credit. And you can release your pack separately.
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