New Project Name Chosen

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New Project Name Chosen

Post by rhuk » Tue Aug 30, 2005 5:00 pm

A new name for our project has been chosen. 

The new name will be officially announced on Thursday September 1st, 18:00GMT.

In order to give those of you with existing *mambo and mambo* domains the opportunity to continue with *newname and newname* we will be providing early notification of the new name.

NOTE: This ONLY applies to those with 'mambo' domains that want to receive early notification 

By completing this form you are agreeing that you will NOT register any newname* or *newname domain if you do not already own the mambo variant of before the public annoucnement of the newname.

The pre-registration process will commence 17:00GMT Thursday, September 1st and will last for one hour - at that time A PUBLIC announcement OF OUR NEW NAME will be made, and at that point anyone is free to register whatever domains are available.

Form can be found below: ... &Itemid=34
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