Joomla Multiple Registration and User Login? How to Implemen

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Joomla Multiple Registration and User Login? How to Implemen

Post by microtekblue » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:18 am

Hey guys,

Thanks for any feedback in advance!

I am a long time Joomla user. Have a new client that is interested in setting up a system where we can have 2 different member types. Example Student and Teacher.

So we want to have a registration form for both Students and Teacher to register. So 2 forms.

Was thinking of using Chronoforms for this part.

Now how to go abouts with setting up permissions to each member level so they can only access certain things? Example, Teacher logs in they should see certain articles, components etc only. And vice versa when a Student logs in.

ANY ideas on how to do this? Any extensions that can do this for us?

Other than that I was going to look into Drupal. Would Drupal be better suited for such a task?

All ideas and help are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


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