problems with sh404sef not showing correct page descripton

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problems with sh404sef not showing correct page descripton

Postby seaside man » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:10 pm

Hi, i am working with a joomla site and i am using the sh404sef plugin. I have contacted the developer of the plugin who has not been very helpful so i am hoping to get help here.

The problem i am having is, the description of the page showing in google listings is not the same as what i have put into the meta tag description.

for example, for this page ... pnotherapy

the meta tag description should be

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy to lose weight guaranteed. Free Gastric Band Hypnosis Consultations with Well Known Gastric Hypno Band expert as seen on TV. Hypno Gastric Band Works. We offer full support after your Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

but in google it is showing

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works. If you would like a slimmer and healthier body with all the benefits of weight loss surgery without any of the risks that can be ...

now one thing i have noticed is: in the sh404sef control panel, i have noticed that i have the following


the above is the original url from day one but then i have the one below which is not the original


i keep deleting the above which is not the original but it keeps coming back and i have been told this could be the fault

can anyone please help me with this and solve how to stop it from coming back so google shows the correct description please.
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Re: problems with sh404sef not showing correct page descript

Postby egrovesys » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:59 am

I am using tag meta extension and it is working properly. I think the description is taken from home page! which means, the extension is not working properly or some other error in alias or URL

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