Publisher of a category can not publish from front-end

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Publisher of a category can not publish from front-end

Post by karcon » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:56 pm

Administration: Users
User: user1
Category : Newsflash
User Group: newsflash publisher
user1 belongs to " 'registered' and 'newsflash publisher' group
Access level : NewsFlafhEditing
User Note : Not configured
Note Categories: Not Configured

Administration : content>category Manager

Category : Newsflash
Category Permissions
newsflash publisher : create-Delete-Edit-Edit State-Edit Own => Allowed

Administration : Menu Manager

Menu : user Menu
Menu Item : Newsflash articles
Menu Item Type : category Blog
Choose Category : Newsflash
Access : NewsFlashEditing

The user 'user1' can not view unpublished articles in 'newsflash' category from front-end. Hence he can not publish.
On the other hand, superuser can view the unpublished items from the same menu in front-end.

Can anyone tell me, how user1 can publish the unpublished items from 'newsflash' category .


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