Hello. Goodbye. Whatever.

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Hello. Goodbye. Whatever.

Post by gateone » Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:33 pm

(Pre: I posted this on mamboserver.com and would like to also post this here, as this is about not being against each other - at any time. Also: I am crying every day when I watch television and even more listening to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! (http://www.democracynow.org) about the horrible horrible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina - even if I am from Germany and don't have any relatives or friends in the South of the US: my heart is with you people. Please do not despair...)

On with the post:

Hello. Goodbye. Whatever.

Now, people let's face it. Miro might have tried to put things on a better ground. But: they didn't really seem to communicate right. And what does THAT mean? That means that propably they have done things that were not 100% okay. "Not communicating right" is always a great euphemism when things don't run well and people are put off because they were not included when they actually should have been included, and all that. This happens in politics, this happens in companies, this happens in life.

So what was the outcome: the developers ran away forming an "own Mambo". Super. Great. Isn't that just fine?! I mean hey, was THAT worth it?

Okay, be it as it is. I personally would like to draw something good out of it. And one thing I observe is: if all it does it certainly seems to stirr up creativity in a positive way. Hey Joomla is a great name, well done folks for coming up with that. And hey, MamboLove.com seems a creative new impulse too. And after all, a little competition has never been a bad thing anyway, don't you agree.

Now, I also wanted to add my post to this thread as it initially began with "Good bye Mambo" - "moving to Xoops". Xoops is okay I guess. Its great for a particular bread of web site. So's Mambo / Joomla - or shall I? Yeah, I'll do it: OKAY, for THIS post, when speaking of Mambo or Joomla, I shall call it Joombo (Mamla would sound too stupid to give it justice). And this I will do only to compare Joombo ;-) to other open source CMS:

First of: each system HAS its rights. As it has its use. Joombo ;-) (oh I quite like THAT! Sounds so united!) is brilliant in its ways that it is so very UNIVERSAL. You can do sooooooooooo much with Joombo - okay, back to it: with Mambo or Joomla. Whereas you cannot do soooo much with Xoops but what Xoops had been ment to do: a CMS with a strong community system character.

And finally, Mambo and Joomla will certainly drift into different directions. There will be times one might be superiour to the other, and times, where just the other of the two will be the shining star.

In Content Management, there simply can't be just ONE FINAL ANSWER to the big question (that is 42 anyway, but that's an entirely different story also). In German, we have a lovely word for something like this. Something that can do EVERYTHING at once and server for ANY purpose. I'll try to translate: Egg-laying wool-milk pork. WOW! Its pork and it can lay eggs and you will get milk from it AND wool!!! :-) Of course, there is just not such a thing in this world.

And also there cannot be ONE content management system, that will cater for ALL the need out there.

Recently I experimented a lot with Drupal (http://www.drupal.org). Most of you might now it or have heared about it already. Now Drupal is brilliant! But would I entirely switch to Drupal and build sites for my customers ONLY with Drupal (although this could certainly be achieved)? My simple answer: No - I won't.

Because the world is about DIVERSITY. Would be so boring if everybody was green, wouldn't it. But luckily, there are beautiful black people, there are beautiful 'yellow' people, and oh my favourite, BEAUTYFULL 'cafe latte'-colourd people, and most handsome white people with red hair, or blond or dark hair. Some even got lovely blue hair and some like to ornate their skin with lovely motives...

So diversity IS a good thing. And hence diversity in software is a good thing (Billy G. - ya hear me?). And hence: it is WONDERFUL now that there is Mambo and Joomla, and Xoops, and Drupal, and Typo3, and AngelineCMS, WordPress, all the Nukes, Siteframe, Xaraya (nice name, innit?), oh yeah, and Yacs! even if that does not sound so lovely from the phonetics... and MANY MANY more.

I think we should NOT NOT NOT start to compare things. Nor here, nor anywhere. Mambo is Mambo, Joomla is Joomla. As you are you, and I am me :-) And we should really make the best out of that and not turn away from one and turn to the other or turn somewhere else.

What is most important, and I will end with this and thank you for talking all the time to read through all of this, what is most important is never to stop acknoledging that there is DIVERSITY and that diversity is a GOOD thing because it will be a never-ending fountain of new inspiration.

(And: I really would love to see something as Joombo.org one day, a place for the Mambo AND the Joomla people to come to together, to discuss and further enchance and inspire EACH OTHTER!)

Greetings everyone, Steve.

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Re: Hello. Goodbye. Whatever.

Post by bluesaze » Wed Sep 07, 2005 4:09 pm

Sounds good matured wish people were more broadminded
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Re: Hello. Goodbye. Whatever.

Post by absalom » Wed Sep 07, 2005 11:20 pm

And you can't really have diversity when everything is being censored and banned.. 8)
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