Regrouping efforts for 1.5 documentation

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Regrouping efforts for 1.5 documentation

Post by Michelle Bisson » Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:22 am

I  would like to invite everyone to regroup their energies and work together to develop 1.5 documentation.

During my phasing out period, I am asking everyone to discuss ways they want to see the 1.5 documentation progress.  I am purposefully choosing not to tell everyone what direction we should go.  It is good for everyone to discuss new ideas as to what they would like to see and do.

I wish for the team to come up with a consensus to move forward.

Those who are writing, I encourage you to continue writing.  Those who wish to proof-read, please do so.  I will continue to be a resource person during my phasing out period over the next month or so as needed.

I do hope that we will have a new User Doc team leader very soon to give direction and structure to the team.  In the mean time, I invite everyone to continue to regroup their energies so that the documentation will continue to get written.

I will be available most evenings (-4GMT) and Saturdays, if anyone wishes to chat with me.

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