Welcome : Purpose of this forum

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Welcome : Purpose of this forum

Post by Jinx » Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:20 am

The wishlist and feature requests forum is the best way to propose your ideas and request features. This forum is being closely monitored by the core developers to provide feedback on proposed features for upcoming Joomla! versions.

Posted requests will be screened. If applicable, feedback will be provided and linked to their respectively artifacts on the features tracker if such an artifact exists..

During each alpha development cycle the development team can decide (after review) which feature requests to add as soft features(*) to the roadmap.

Forum prefix Legend

    * IN TRACKER      : Feature request is posted on the feature request tracker and discussed by the core team
    * IMPLEMENTED    : Feature request has been implemented in the Joomla
    * SOLVED            : Proposal was addressed, no feature request was posted
    * NOTED              : The proposal has been noted to discuss at the next available development milestone
    * N/C                  : Proposal was not considered to be a valid for inclusion in the core at this time (Non Core)
    * N/A                  : Not Applicable or Not Accepted

(*) A secondary feature that can be implemented depending on the time available.
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