How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step by Step)

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How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step by Step)

Postby evamstel » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:17 pm

How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (step by step)

This guide describes the way you can install Joomla! on a server on which the php software runs in safe mode. If this is the case, you would not be able to install any component, template, mambot or module. Normally you will get the error: ERROR: Could not find an XML setup file in the package

If you take this steps bellow you have a big chance you’ll get Joomla! work.
Al this information is gathered from different forums about Joomla! I think it is useful to put this stuff together in one post.

Step 1:
a) Safemode installer:
Here is the link to download the English version of the Installer:,com_remos ... ,2244.html
B) Joomla full package:
You can download this file here:,com_remos ... ,1684.html
c) JoomlaXplorer:

Prepare installation:
a) Unpack the safemode installer you’ve downloaded in step 1a
You should have: index.php, pear.txt,, tar.txt
b) Use a ftp-program to upload the extracted files to you homedir of you page.
If you already have some files in you homedir you can make a sub-directory. If you do this, make sure this directory is writable. (0777). In most ftp-progams you can change / check this.

Step 3:
Install Joomla!
a) Start you browser.
C) browse to the file tar.gz installation file on your local drive.
D) Joomla! Will be installed in a sub-directory called CMS.
E) The installation of Joomla will start. Ignore the messages about wrong php settings
F) Complete the installation

Step 4:
Remove installation directory:
This will not work the way it used to work, in my case it was not possible to change any file in this CMS directory. To remove the installation directory there is a php-script.
This file is located in the directory where you’ve put the safe-mode installer (step 2b)
A) start browser
C) The install directory will be removed

Step 5:
Now you have to change the read/write properties of the CMS directory.
A) Open the admin panel of your site
B) Choose Installers, then Components
C) Browse to the directory in which the JoomlaXplorer install file is located (downloaded in step 1c)
D) After this installation you can start the JoomlaXplorer
E) Select de CMS directory and chmod the files / directory.

Job done!

Gr. Eduard van Amstel

updated link to JoomlaXplorer
updated link to Installer
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Eduard van Amstel

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Re: How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step by Step)

Postby infograf768 » Tue May 29, 2007 3:02 pm

Link to installer is obsolete.
Please update
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Re: How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step by Step)

Postby yelfarri » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:15 pm

hey i tried the same thing , on safe mode on in my server but it s doesnt work, it doesnt even let me to uploead files to my server......i cant install module or componet what should i do ?

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Re: How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step by Step)

Postby riddle » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:48 pm

I see that on May 29, 2007 InfoGraf requested an update to the installer link, and then that the original post was edited later the same day.  Does that mean that the link was updated?

Now the link seems to go only to a German version.  Is there an English version somewhere?


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Re: How to install Joomla on a server with php in safemode (Step

Postby DeCex » Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:24 pm

Iv used this installer lastweek. Installation was ok. Now the question is can any of you PHP code guru make this installer unpack and install from whare is start without making a extra /cms subfolder?

Iv email the author and ask the same question. Iv been to thare forum but cant read thare german lang, so that didn do much good. Lets hope someone would help us "Safe-Mode" webhost people out with this Safe-Mode installer.
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