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Open Source Does Matter ...

Post by brad » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:19 pm

Joomla! is moving to ensure the future of the project by committing to compliance with the GNU/GPL licence.  This decision reflects a lengthy introspection combined with legal considerations to properly secure the project in the spirit of Open Source.  For us, for everyone, Open Source does matter.

It's a long, slow road.  We're not going to make any sudden moves because we know that a lot of people are relying on us to maintain some stability and meet expectations.  We are very much aware that a lot of people make their living around Joomla!, and we are sensitive to producing sudden disruptions in livelihoods.

Joomla! is a unique project with unique needs and unique GPL issues. Solutions won't just come off the shelf.  There are solutions and compromises on these issues that we are still exploring, and we want to keep hearing from the community so we can get it right.

We will provide facts as soon as we have them.  If we seem too silent, it's because we don't want to speak until we can do so clearly and confidently.  And you'll have plenty of notice before any large changes get made.

Here's the plan: first, we clean our own house and bring the Joomla! sites into compliance.  Next, we ask people in the community to voluntarily comply with the licence.  At the same time, we try to help people understand what it takes to comply and how they can do it easily.  We believe we're going to get a lot of compliance that way.

So far, that's the entire plan.  No lawsuits, no pogroms, no martyrs. More to the point, no shouting, no demonisation, and no drawing lines between "us" and "them".  It's a big community with many kinds of developers, and we want solutions that will work for everybody.

You WILL need to read the full article here:

A discussion is underway here: ... #msg861334

Digg this here:
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