FAQ - How to set up/install Joomla on Win XP for local testing

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FAQ - How to set up/install Joomla on Win XP for local testing

Post by Waseem Sadiq » Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:01 pm

Hi Folks,

I ended up helping one of the members set up Joomla on his local machine (Win XP) yesterday. So thought I'd share this with everyone :)

What you'll need:
  • Install Wamp
  • unzip joomla into your wamp's www folder (eg C:\wamp\www\joomla
  • start wamp
  • open a browser window and go to http://localhost/joomla
  • follow the on screen prompts to install joomla
On screen prompts and what to enter in the boxes
  • Host Name = localhost
  • MySQL User Name = root
  • MySQL Password = blank (don't put anything in this box)
  • MySQL Database Name = anyhting you like (eg joomladb)
  • MySQL Table Prefix = jos_ (this is set as default but you can change it)
  • Make sure that install sample data is ticked
  • Click "next"
step 2:
  • Site name = your site name
step 3:
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! Change the admin password to something memorable (as this is only for testing locally I'd suggest setting the password to admin or password or similar
step 4:
  • Remove or rename BOTH of the following: INSTALL.PHP and the installation folder (eg C:\wamp\www\joomla\installation\)
step 5:
  • in your browser window click on either the "view site" button or the "Administration" button
Voila!! you now have a local copy of Joomla for testing purposes

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