Logistics component (courier)

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Logistics component (courier)

Postby yogi » Thu Jan 12, 2006 3:00 pm

Is there a component that will handle the goins on of a LOGISTICS company..

I have been asked by a prospective client if it can be done via the joomla CMS.

you have clients (shops) who need to have their envelopes delivered(by couriers) in the same town. there might be 3 levels of sevice (slow, express and VIP)

there needs to be itemised delivery numbers (con notes) and have them associated to the Driver (courier) ..

of copurse this needs to be done online via the LIVE joomla experience. so the clients can book a job by intercace  or by phoning the courier company directly.... is there a component o handle this (yet)? IS THERE SUCH AN ANIMAL out there?


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