Joomla (CMS) - Docebo (Learning Management System) togheter.

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Joomla (CMS) - Docebo (Learning Management System) togheter.

Postby pressdocebo » Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:01 am

Request of collaboration.

Hi all

Docebo is an open source LAMP (GPL) E-Learning Management System focused in corporate market, we have several installation in big companies (SKY Television, AON Insurance and many many others).

In order to offer the opportunity to our customer and community to link our application with other tools we created an api (called RestApi) to link every CMS - CRM - Intranet and Portal system to our e-learning environment. This api (included in the 3.6 beta version) support user syncronization and authentication, in the future we imagine a sort of elearning 2.0 where multimedia content are distributed in the other application trough an api-tag system. This integration will spread the knowledge and learning versy fast.

If you are interested to interface Joomla with the e-learning solution side please keep in contact with us trough our website and coordinate the activity trough our dedicated forum.

RestApi documentation is also ready in our wiki:

Thank you!
Claudio Erba

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