HowTo start support request

Discuss the universal connector for forums and other applications. (including vBridge )
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HowTo start support request

Post by leonsio » Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:54 pm

0. Do not send PMs with Support Requests, this PMs will be deleted without any answer!

1. please use prefix [vBridge] or  [CC]

2. write your software versions
  a. PHP / MySQL
  b. OS / Webserver
  c. Joomla 
  d. com_connector
  e.  used module / version
  f. connected application version

3. detailed description of the problem
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Post by eloyasenjo » Sat Apr 15, 2006 12:53 pm

It pardons Leonsio. 
I know that I have sent a PM to you and it had not fixed to me to which you say in this forum. 

I have the last version of joomla 1,0,8 and the last one of moodle (1.5) I have, so far, everything in the premises (on W.XP) and work with easyPHP 1,8,0,1

As professor of Mathematics I want to make a Web site with Joomla, and that it connects to me with Moodle (because it is a very good platform for elearning).  There is some experience of connection of these platforms?  Thank you very much


Re: HowTo start support request

Post by AmyStephen » Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:19 pm

Eloyasenjo -

Here is a link on Moodle and Joomla integration

Also, I am always happy to spot people while they only have a few posts so that I can offer good documentation to help them get started!  :)

If you are indeed brand new to Joomla!, I *highly* recommend you read through and study the material in the "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Joomla!" before going any further.

This is a collection of *excellent* tutorials people have found jump start learning.

Often, people do not have realistic expectations of the effort required to learn Joomla!. They start building a website as soon as the product is installed and often wind up frustrated because they are unable to do even the simpliest of tasks.

Joomla! is indeed easy to use -- but only AFTER you have learned how! :P

When we are able to catch people right away and steer them towards the documentation *and* they invest time in learning, they are much more satisfied with their journey and far more productive. They wind up with more friends, faster cars and bigger houses, too.

If you have questions, ??? please continue to post them to the forum. People are very helpful. (Make sure you search, first! People are busy answering thousands of questions each day.) And, if you get stuck and find people unresponsive, please feel free to PM me. I will be glad to help or find someone who can help.

If you do decide to take this approach to learning, I ask that you kindly return to this post in two weeks to a month and  update us on your experience. That kind of feedback is invaluable to us as we welcome others to the community.

Good luck!
Amy  :)

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Re: HowTo start support request

Post by svranch » Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:56 am

But where do I go to just START the support request - is this done via "FEATURE REQUEST" at the SourceForge Joomla Project?


is this a Bug to report from the main Joomla Home page?

I would like to comply with the instructions but need to know the standard for the basic how to find a Support Request link so I CAN start one. 

Thank you...

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