Page ID in Header Module

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Page ID in Header Module

Postby auroaborealis » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:02 pm


The problem with Joomla version 1.0.12 is McArthur Sports and Towels is trying to use some particular header images for each content item. They want to try and have an image for the MLB related teams (a single team = a unique content item), etc and so on in the header module. This works on other parts of the site, where the Joomla Header Module properly displays items in a specific directory as long as the JPEGs in that directory are named "hXXX.jpg" where "XXX" equals a unique page ID number. This number can be found by going to any page and viewing the source code. Then, when that content item is displayed, the header pulls that correct header image and the end result is banners plugged directly into the JA_Zibal template header.

What we're running into is the page itself is not generating specific page ID's to that particular set of teams (content items). I believe the problem is coming from every team was copied from a "master team" file so the page ID number for every team is 126. So when we drop "h126.jpg" into the header directory, it displays that one header for every single team. 6 leagues, 30 teams, roughly 180 teams all have the same header. This shouldn't be happening, and the end goal we are looking for is to have all the MLB teams with an MLB themed hXXX.jpg banner, all the NFL teams with an NFL themed hXXX.jpg banner, etc.

For example, if you look at the Milwaukee Brewers portion (MLB) ... ewers.html

and compare it to the New York Rangers (NHL) ... ngers.html

Both have the image of a bucket of golf balls. This is the default "section banner". It should be replaced with a banner if I put in the appropriate hXXX.jpg file, but both teams have the same ID. The page ID is not specific in the header module as far as we can tell.

I thought a solution could be to dive into the code and change the ID name (I can see it when I view the source code) but I have no idea where I can fix this in Joomla.

Any words of wise what we can do to resolve this issue?

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