Mod_jaslideshow -- can't locate the images I've uploaded

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Mod_jaslideshow -- can't locate the images I've uploaded

Postby kbf1999 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:29 pm

I'm a noob so please be gentle. :D

I'm trying to use mod_jaslideshow. When I installed it, it worked fine with the default images it was calling up (images/stories/fruit). But when I tried to customize the pics I wanted, all that appears is "this folder doesn't exists." (the typo is theirs, not mine)

To upload the images, I went to media manager. I clicked on the "stories" folder and then put "husky" in the box before "create folder". I clicked on "create folder" and then my folder appeared. I uploaded two images to my folder and everything seemed to work perfectly. But still I get "this folder doesn't exists."

I looked at the address for the folder that comes up for "fruit" in Media Manager". It's "/home/haunpta/public_html/images/stories/fruit" which is different than "images/stories/fruit" so I guess I really didn't create an "images/stories/husky" folder. So I tried to change the root of the folder and Media Manager won't let me. If I don't create this folder in Media Manager, where do I do it?

Also, I used FileZilla to install Joomla on a remote server. If I go into the files on the remote site, I can find both a /www/images/stories/husky and a /home/images/stories/husky path that have my images in them but I get the same "this folder doesn't exists" message when I key them into jaslideshow.

Where is jaslideshow looking for images? How do I get my images where it is looking? Or am I entering the path incorrectly?

One other note: jaslideshow is looking for a "thumbs" folder for images. I can't find anywhere that the fruit thumbs are stored so I didn't even attempt to create a husky thumbs folder, thinking that maybe jaslideshow created these on the fly. Could that be the problem? Where should this thumbs folder be and what should be in it?

Thank you so much for your help!

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