Mini Tutorial: Front- vs Homepage

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Mini Tutorial: Front- vs Homepage

Post by eyezberg » Sat Mar 11, 2006 10:48 pm

This article should be listed under "components".
Why, you might ask? Because what is generally considered as your site's homepage is just another component, com_frontpage, as you can easily verify by clicking your non-SEFed "Home" link.

This article aims at reducing the confusion between your HOMEpage and the FRONTpage component, as this is really only the same in the default Joomla setup, but can easily be changed.
In fact, the first page to be displayed when entering your domains URL into a browser (aka Homepage) is  the content linked to by the mainmenu's  first link!

This is the com_frontpage component in a default setup. Now try to move anything else to that first spot, a content item link, another component link, as you like, and preview the site...

That being said, the frontpage component is really important, as it provides the content for your site's RSS feeds (all items with the "Show on frontpage" checkbox ticked), used or not as Homepage.
Settings for this component are accessed through the Content => Frontpage Manager link.
On this screen, you can remove items from frontpage display (and thus RSS inclusion) or reorder the items for display.
[Please note that a few settings for your feeds configuration are to be found under Components => Syndication.]

Configuration of the com_frontpage component

you may wonder why this component, as we now have realized it is "just another" component, is not listed under the corresponding menu, and also how to tweak its settings to suit you?

While I can't answer the first part (hell, I never said I know it all, and I didn't design the interface ...), I AM able to lead you to the configuration of the component with just a few easy clicks :D

  1. Menu menu => mainmenu link
  2. The first item here is by default titled "Home" (this can be renamed). Notice it is of Type: Component - FrontPage! Click it!
  3. Surprise: all the settings you ever wanted and more, here they are!
  4. Tweak, apply, and preview the site to check out the changes.You can set, for example:
        1. the page title (and its display)
        2. the number of items the show
        3. in how many columns you want them to display
        4. if images should be visible etc ...

Now, that was easy, wasn't it? Try a few other components as first items and check your homepage, maybe you'll find something you like..
You could even create a custom content item, with embedded modules ... and use that. Free your mind, as it says ;)

A common related question: what if I want to use a static html page as an entry / gateway page before my Joomla site gets displayed?

The answer is easy: use a file named "index.html" in your site's root folder (where Joomlas index.php is found). Your server should serve this BEFORE any php file on most setups (test!), so as long as this file is present, noone will even know Joomla is installed there, unless they access directly (by typing into the adress field) !

You can set up this page however you like, for example a disclaimer, a login box, a nice grapic etc.. and of course a link to the index.php, which will fire up Joomla! ;)

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