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Joomla! Community Magazine

Post by EMRhelp » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:30 pm ... -2010-July

Nice first release.

I like the commenting, ratings, eye pleasing layout.
I read this article - ... ets-hacked and I felt it was helpful.

Some things I didn't understand.
Only 18 articles and they were spread over 3 pages ? Seems like someone is overpaginating here.

I myself would put all 18 on one page.
Ten per page seems a minimum.
I'd certainly expect that all articles on pages 2 and 3 will receive alot less traffic.
Are all the good articles on page 1 ? Will authors rotate from a page 1 article to a page 2 or 3 article ?
I think you should put all articles on one page.

I felt the summaries were a bit short. It was hard to get a feel for what the article was about by the 20 word mark. It was also not enough to entice me to read it.

I find Engadget does a good job here.

I think the Homepage needs a permanent link to the Magazine. If there is one, I didn't see it.

I also found the font size, like the entire Joomla website ... too small.

The magazine left me wanting a Blog, not a magazine.

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Re: Joomla! Community Magazine

Post by porwig » Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:21 pm

Hi EMRHelp,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are looking at many of the points you raised as areas for potential change/improvement for upcoming issues.

The intention for the current home page layout is to highlight summaries of certain articles, with the "Topics" module allowing easy access to all articles in the current issue. We are discussing various ideas for how to determine which articles are displayed on the home page.

One area we are looking at changing is to convert the "Topics" module to a "Table of Contents" module which would include all article titles with links for the current issue.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming JCM issues and let us know if you feel like we are making improvements or not.

Thanks again,

Paul Orwig


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