Administrator component, list.ordering not working in 1.6

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Administrator component, list.ordering not working in 1.6

Post by edwin2011 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:59 am


I've made a component, where the backend list.ordering is not working on the production site.

The comp is developed in 1.6 RC1 on MAMP
The comp is deployed in 1.6 on LAMP

On my development machine, the value of [filter_order] in $_POST is transfered by Joomla! to the state object [list.ordering]

On my deployment machine, the value of [filter_order] in $_POST changed the way I would expect, but somehow, Joomla is not transfering it to the state object, the value of [list.ordering] never changes from the default there.

Can someone give me a hint?

(using the $_POST would be an easy workaround of course, but I would prefer to play by the framework and figure out what I'm doing wrong in using the framework)



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