Rights in Joomla - bad programming?

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Rights in Joomla - bad programming?

Postby fribse » Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:47 pm

Well I've worked with inhereted rights in Novell for more than a decade, so when it says inhereted rights in Joomla it's a big letdown that it's so strangely made in Joomla.

I've created some things that are denied for 'Public', and then allowed for 'Member' (a layer under Registered). This should infer that all rights for Public and up to 'Member' is disallowed, and then allowed for levels below 'Member', but noooo, then I get a conlict.
If I then set the rights for Public to 'inhereted', it is still in fact denied, but no conflict further down.

That's just illogical, I should always be allowed to override rights when I get closer to a 'user' object.

Inhereted rights are cumulative, and if you need to set up something that denies that right further down the chain, it could be done by applying a 'denied', instead of the system of IRF (Inhereted Rights Filter) that Novell uses.

I can only urge the developers to have a look at how it's done properly, they've been doing it for 15 years in Novell, and their rights scheme is very logical, and database wise very compact.
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