Mail setup not working in Joomla

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Mail setup not working in Joomla

Post by cpung » Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:25 am

Hi everyone,

I realize this topic has been brought up many times before. The reason I'm bringing it up again is because it seems there isn't one set solution to this problem, since it depends on the setup and configuration of joomla. Another factor is the varying levels of familiarity with joomla. Well, I'm really new to Joomla and any instruction will need to be step by step in order for me to follow. So, here's my situation: I have joomla setup as "LocalHost." I can register a user but their registration can't be confirmed/activated because no email is sent to them. I receive a variety of errors, depending on the email configuration I put in. The most common error is "SMTP Error! Could not authenticate." or "Registration failed: An error was encountered while sending the registration email. A message has been sent to the administrator of this site." or "Couldn't initiate email function."

I've tried using PHP Mail and I got nowhere. I've been experimenting using SMTP as the mailer as follows:

Mailer: SMTP
From Email: "" (My domain name is registered through GoDaddy, but my site is not hosted there. It's setup as localhost)
From Name: My website Name
Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Security: None
SMTP Port: 25
SMTP Username: (I don't know what to use, so I put my email address:
SMTP Password: ( I don't know what to use. I have no password associated with my email address)
SMTP Host: ( I saw in a forum that this is what I should use for an email setup based on a domain name registered with GoDaddy, even though the site is not hosted there)

What should I do to make this work. Please help me! You need to tell me exactly what I have to change and where I should get the information to fill in the blanks.





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