Help needed with first installation under Windows

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Help needed with first installation under Windows

Post by dariopalermo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:17 am

Hi guys,
I just started using Joomla v2.5.6 under Win2008/IIS7 and I'm having some troubles...

1) logs and tmp
I configured the two paths to c:\inetpub\<site_name>\logs and c:\inetpub\<site_name>\tmp and then I did an iisreset but the folders are nearly empy, just a default.html in each of them.
2) LDAP auth
I'm trying to set up LDAP auth but I'm having some troubles... I can't tell what's going wrong because I don't have any log to look into, as per point 1. I found some howtos but all I get when I try to log in with an AD account is a black page. In the administrator/users/user manager page there is a single user and searching for any AD user will find nothing. Could someone explain how the LDAP works AFTER being configured? I mean, when and where in Joomla I can find the AD users listed, so that I can assign them permissions?
3) any starting tips for my kind of installation (W2008SP2/IIS7/SQLEXPRESS)?



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Re: Help needed with first installation under Windows

Post by humvee » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:38 am

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