Media Manager Unable to Delete Images

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Media Manager Unable to Delete Images

Post by Stonewall » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:37 pm

I used media manager to upload some images.  The images were successfully uploaded and usable.  When trying to delete those images, I received the following error...

Warning: unlink(c:/wamp/www/nfsmambo/images/stories/line_service/nfs_fbo_small.jpg) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in c:\wamp\www\nfsmambo\administrator\components\com_media\ on line 84

The warning references the folder:  c:/wamp/www/nfsmambo/images/stories/line_service/nfs_fbo_small.jpg
The image file is actually here:  C:\wamp\www\nfsmambo\images\line_service\nfs_fbo_small.jpg

Since I used media manager to create the folder and upload the file, I would think that it should know where to find it when you asked it to delete it.

Attempting to delete anything in media manager results in a similar error.  It looks like it is always throwing an extra "stories" into the path when it tries to delete.

This may be an upgrade issue as I used the following method to install Joomla:
  • Copied my mambo directory
  • Extracted Joomla Overwriting Original Mambo Files
  • Deleted Installation Directory
  • Restored my original configuration.php
  • Ran patch file (SQL)
My paths are...
Absolute Path:  c:/wamp/www/nfsmambo 
Live Site: http://localhost/nfsmambo
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Re: Media Manager Unable to Delete Images

Post by stingrey » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:55 pm

A 'known' bug that will be fixed in 1.0.1:
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