Best Way To Add Meta Tags for Google Bing in Joomla 3.xx

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Best Way To Add Meta Tags for Google Bing in Joomla 3.xx

Post by Nemesis2012 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:26 am

I was looking for the Best Way to add Meta Tag Key Words for Google Bing Yahoo Etc or will a 3ed party addon be best or the the old way of adding them into the article's in lowercase separated by commas with a space after each comma linux, game, mmo, rpg, etc? i been seeing a lot of mixed ways it why i ask also do Auto Meta Keyword Generator's work well like SEO-Generator ? or using a tool like RSSeo! Suite and it is good to set meta tags in articles categories or will it mess up google SEO?

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Re: Best Way To Add Meta Tags for Google Bing in Joomla 3.xx

Post by bewebdev » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:07 pm


Meta Tag Key Words are very old school. most major search engines don't use them and in fact bing uses it for identifying spam, ... e-it-96874

I would concentrate on descriptions and page titles, and give keywords a miss.


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Humbert Humbert
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Re: Best Way To Add Meta Tags for Google Bing in Joomla 3.xx

Post by Humbert Humbert » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:07 am

The keyword META tag was used, because the search engines were not--originally--doing page analysis. Now, the keyword analysis done by Google or Bing on page content is far superior to that of a commercial product--if for no other reason than that is the one used by that search engine.

So, let them find your keywords. As far as we know, now, they only use meta tags to identify auto-generated--i.e., incorrect--keywords, which can hurt you.

Today, your page is your keyword list.

However, the best sites don't worry about this at all, but worry, instead, about content. Because, whatever your keyword strategy, it bites you on the proverbial ass as your site grows larger. Plus, once the search engines figure out all our new tricks, they change their algorithms (e.g., Panda got me good!): Busted!

Use the strategies you read online, only if you are looking for a fast buck, a quick kill, and not if you are trying to really build a Web site with a long-term following. Build it, and they will come!



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