Online knowledge sharing database and user driven platform?

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Online knowledge sharing database and user driven platform?

Postby MELC2013 » Sun May 12, 2013 6:39 am

Dear everyone,

I am working with a group of 12 NGOs operating in all corners of the world looking to establish a network to increase awareness of each other’s activities in countries. One way to achieve this is some sort of online tracking tool that would present the activities of each NGO and the activities of all the NGOs in each country.

I am hoping to develop a simple website to share the relevant information based on user-submitted content through a form.

The website would have 2 menus and 2 links. The 2 menus would be drop down lists of countries and NGOs.

The country pages would show the activities of the various NGOs in each country. The NGO pages will show the activities and details by the countries they are operating in.

The 2 links would be for the form itself and an instructions page.

Do you think this could be achieved easily through Joomla?

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