Unified K2 source for multiple Joomla! web sites

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Unified K2 source for multiple Joomla! web sites

Post by zkanoca » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:08 am

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I am responsible for a few web sites of my organization.

I use Joomla! 2.5.X for those web sites. They all are running at the same server.

I use K2 component for content managing.

I have created K2 categories and K2 user groups for each staff on each website. People working on the organization can log-in and update their data.

I have a general website in which shows all the staff information at the 'Staff' page. Also some of those people and their contents are shown in another department's website. So, there are databases for each web site.

For example:

In the general website (let's say general.org), when I click on the 'Staff' menu item, page shows all of the people work at my organization. Also they work at different departments.

In another web site (eg: education.general.org) when I click on the 'Staff' menu item, It shows the people work at education department.

But for each web site, I have different user accounts which means a modification in one of them does not affect the other one. If the one of the education staff tries to change his profile picture on the education web site, he also has to do it on the general web site.

And sometimes one person might be working at three departments. So he has to edit three times of his data.

Is it possible to merge the records for all websites? In other words, I want everyone to insert/update/delete their data on the general web site, and the other web sites will be updated automatically.

I am trying to make something by myself:
* I have created a staff_db.
* I get data connecting to that db.
* I can show the staff list in an article using directPHP plug-in.

But I think this is useless. I should find something more professional.

Do you have any ideas which could help me?


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