Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Joomla

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Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Joomla

Post by rvbgnu » Mon May 25, 2015 10:27 pm

The emotions and reactions to the recent difficult times of the Joomla proposal new structure are behind us, and it is time to face the reality and act for us all, Joomla community members. I am not a blogger or an occasional writer to the open internet. I am not a native English speaker, which doesn't help. Who would have thought having to write on such a topic like the Code of Conduct rather than PHP code? Not me, really, but the truth is that toxic behaviours and moody atmosphere prevent me many times to contribute more to the Joomla project. And I am not alone.

Here is my contribution to Joomla, pretty unusual, and hopefully joined and developed by many Joomlers very soon!

All together as a whole

We are coders, website builders, translators, … every kind of contributors.
We are global, with different languages and different cultures.
We need to keep the community a safe environment for everyone.
United we are stronger.
Isn't it what brings us together on the first place?

Why detoxify

Isn't it a bit too much of a word? Truly I don't think so. We are not talking about emotional reactions or temper, that are part of the human interactions. It is about harmful, destructive behaviour, in the open place or behind the curtain.
Some community members left because of toxic behaviours, we all know some of them. Some contributors reported these facts in the last few years, most of the time individually or not being heard. We saw it, and we haven't act when we, as a community, should have. We have a Code of Conduct, that either can't be implement by a missing Group, either is interpreted and applied in questionable ways. Also because we don't have a recognised channel to report.

J for Justice

We should find a name for this Group, or committee, where we will hold the cases of toxic behaviour. What is sure is that it must be done with independence, neutrality and fairness. In case of a conflict between different members, a representation of each party is necessary. Code of Conduct and Group decisions must be imposed on everyone, to keep trust and respect within the community.
Self regulation, within the Leadership for example, is not a solution. Usually self-regulation is too weak to be enforced, and there is too much room for Conflict of Interest.

No Conflict Of Interest

It is a precondition that the Group is not part of OSM or other Joomla Leadership Teams. If one of their members is involved, we will have no independence with the decision: you can't be judge and party.
What are the possible conflicts of interest in a community like Joomla, with a not for profit legal organisation? There is an area of work here, that must be taken seriously and reasonably.

Let's make the Joomla world a better place!

Now it will take a few months and committed members to manifest these ideas in the Joomla world.
Let's use our collective creative power to make it happen!

Please post your feedback and contribution below. I will edit this initial post if needed.
Of course you can also contact me directly if you prefer.
Best Regards, Hervé Boinnard
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Re: Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Jo

Post by VMCheckout » Tue May 26, 2015 6:03 am

Thanks for sharing, we appreciate Joomla's Work.

Chris Hoefliger
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Re: Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Jo

Post by Chris Hoefliger » Wed May 27, 2015 6:38 am

Good shout, Hervé - and urgently needed. I hope those in power will take this in.
L for love rather than S for SNAFU says me.

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Re: Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Jo

Post by porwig » Wed May 27, 2015 6:47 pm

Hi Herve,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this! I agree with what you wrote.
"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."
- David Morrison
The recently approved structure change includes a new Ombudsman role that aims to help in this area. I think that new role is a good concept, but I have concerns that it may not be as effective in the real world as it could or should be.

In order for people (especially volunteers) to be successful in their roles, they must be given the authority to carry out and enforce the responsibilities for their roles. I don't think the currently defined scope for the Ombudsman role gives those volunteers the authority to carry out their responsibility. Also, there needs to be an effective way to balance that role's independence and authority, to hopefully prevent their power from becoming abused.

Those are some of my thoughts. I hope you and others will continue to speak up on this important issue. Thank you for your passion, and for your interest to help strengthen, support, and improve the Joomla community!
Paul Orwig

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Re: Detoxify the Joomla Community (Open Letter of Love to Jo

Post by Marvin_Martiano » Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:54 pm

I agree, but it takes a specific type of people to want to sit on that kind of committees and feel their day is usefully spent, and a specific type of skill to actually do that well -- and with good luck you find people in the intersection of those groups, and within the Jcommunity.

Ahrg, that's defeatist. Good luck!



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