Component customization to support multilingual settings

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Component customization to support multilingual settings

Post by And75 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:18 am

Good morning everyone

I'm a new user of this forum so I hope my post is in the correct section.
If it's not, I'm sorry!

I'm using a component for Joomla 3.6 in order to create manage a LMS (Learingin Management System)

However the component was inexplicably made without support for multilingual settings.
Therefore regardless of the language selected on the front end, any user can access indiscriminately to all resources regardless of the language in which they were made.

The component classifies the following logic:
- Course category
- Course
- Lesson

For any level you can't associate a language
For example, I would make the course category XY was displayed only by students who select the Italian language.
I can't do that because currently there is no way to set Italian as the language for this course category XY.
The same applies to the courses and lessons.

My question then is as follows.
There is a way to customize the component originally conceived to not support multilingual settings in a component that supports?

If so, how?
Alternatively there are extensions that enable me to get around this?

Thank you in advance anyone or could help me out.


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