[3.7rc2] Fields: Show on Administrator does not work

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[3.7rc2] Fields: Show on Administrator does not work

Postby Mr. Wimpy » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:04 pm


On fields there is a setting 'Show on' with three options Site, Administrator, Both.

I would expect this option to work like this:
Site = displays the field on the frontend and not on the backend.
Both = displays the field on the frontend and on the backend.
Administrator = displays the field on the backend and not on the frontend.

However Administrator displays fields on both the frontend and backend.

How to reproduce:
Go to Content > Fields and open a field, go to Options and change the setting for Show on.
Tested on Joomla 3.7rc2 (updated from 3.7rc1)
Fields tested: Text, URL, Radio, Checkbox


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