504 Gateway Timeout

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Joomla! Fledgling
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504 Gateway Timeout

Post by HudekAdmin » Tue May 29, 2018 7:21 am


yesterday I tried to import my csv file for virtuemart products (update prices,stock on products on my webshop) like I have done every day, but, the import failed giving a error like on the attached image. It gives an error after 90 seconds every time i try to import. Until yesterday I could import about 6500 lines, now it dropped down to 500-1000. So...I have about 19.000 products/lines to import, and I have to import a single file about 25 times (making new csv containing 500-1000 lines). Could you please help me step by step what to do. I'm using Joomla 2.5.28

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