User-Private-Page 2.0.0 released

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User-Private-Page 2.0.0 released

Post by carsten888 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:05 am

Now includes a complete commenting system so client and admin can chat. ... vate-page/


* create a private page per user
* only the user can see the page
* use any plugin codes in the content to add video, image, module etc.
* link to the page with 1 menu-item for all users
* tags like {username}
* scripts which you can call with tags like {script 2} for dynamic content from PHP
* commenting system on the users page, so user can chat with the admin
* reminders send for unread comments, all optional and configurable of course
* cronjob for the above, option to send admin cron report
* notification if user read admins comment

* on photographers website, the client can login and few his/her pictures
* on a guitarbuilders website, the client can login and see updates on the work on their custom guitar
* on a skydivers website, the client can login and see the video of their skydive

If you need to display user specific private content. The private content is rendered via the content plugins, so you can use any plugin codes in the user specific content. So you can add video, images, modules and all the goodness of Joomla extensions. my extensions:
User-Private-Page, Redirect-on-Login, Admin-Help-Pages, Dynamic-Menu-Links, Admin-Menu-Manager, plugin load module in article, plugin pure css tooltip and more...


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