Remove old banned spammers and their posts

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Remove old banned spammers and their posts

Post by darb » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:29 am


I check for fun how some other international languages "intruders" that comes to Joomla forum and post "anti" Joomla post to destroy Joomlas and talk [censored] about Joomla. :-\

As now they get banned but their posts are still show case on the site and create bad will for Joomla. :geek:

Could we not ask and give all Joomla moderators in all different international languages the right to remove old post from banned users?

What you think?

I don’t have anything against to remove old posts from banned users that comes from WP et al army to post bad posts about Joomla and create bad perception about what Joomla is.
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