Invalid Login trying to update from 3.9.25 to 3.9.26

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Invalid Login trying to update from 3.9.25 to 3.9.26

Post by zorroson » Fri Apr 16, 2021 12:34 pm


I have a strange problem, with the update from 3.9.25 to 3.9.26 on all sites, on my Plesk based server.

When using the built-in com_joomlaupdate to perform the update, I get a popup saying "Invalid Login" as soon as I click the "Install update" button. On the server, I can see that the updatefile is actually being downloaded to the tmp dir, but then nothing else happens.

I have searched high and low, and only thing I could find related to this issue, is when the FTP layer is enabled, but I do not use this on any of my sites.

I have apprx. 30 sites on the same Plesk install, and have the issue on all installs, and therefore have an idea that this might be a server/plesk/rights related problem.

Also the issue happens with sites both on PHP 7.2, 7.3.x and 7.4.x using both fastcgi and fpm.

Nothing in Apache access or error.log.
Joomla update log reports no errors, as seen below:

Code: Select all

2021-04-16T10:16:58+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	Update started by user Super User (123). Old version is 3.9.25.
2021-04-16T10:17:00+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	Downloading update file from
2021-04-16T10:19:45+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	File downloaded.
2021-04-16T10:20:23+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	Update started by user Super User (123). Old version is 3.9.25.
2021-04-16T10:20:25+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	File downloaded.
2021-04-16T10:20:26+00:00	INFO 152.x.x.x	update	Starting installation of new version.
But the funny thing is, if I use the platform to update the sites, it works without a glitch! Maybe I have misunderstood this, but it was my understanding that when doing the updates from these remote services, they actually just shout over the commands from the service to the destination server, which then initiates the updates using the same code, as if I did the update from the local server?

Does anyone have an idea as to where to search for solution on this?

I have raised a support ticket at Plesk support, which I am waiting for a response from - but thought maybe someone else have seen this?

Henrik Holm Nielsen
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Re: Invalid Login trying to update from 3.9.25 to 3.9.26

Post by AMurray » Fri Apr 16, 2021 10:28 pm

This may be due to having the FTP layer enabled - it is not usually necessary. Disable it under the global configuration. This topic discusses the same or similar issue: viewtopic.php?t=965448
Regards - A Murray

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